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Curating the talent.

Founded in 2018 by Zofia Kaminska and Zuzanna Fuksiewicz – both working in the entertainment and advertising industry for more than a decade.

Why we started GIFTED?
Because we saw big changes coming.

Changes in the evolution of commercial and artistic content — that it can go together, not in opposition. Changes in managing exceptional talents that need freedom as well as support to fulfil their creative potential. And in this realm of constant change, we are looking for ‘gifted’ ones.

People who don’t limit themselves to a narrow profession. Artists who are curious and see what others can’t. And finally, professionals who know that talent isn’t magically bestowed but requires constant work and perfection.

We believe that this is what the industry needs right now.

Zofia Kamińska

Founder | Co-Owner | Agent

+48 733 233 177

Zuzanna Fuksiewicz

Co-Owner | Agent I International Rep

+48 602 603 779

Ewelina Lenart

Agent | Bookings

+48 505 168 502

GIFTED Kamińska Fuksiewicz S.C.
ul. Olesińska 21
02 – 548 Warszawa