Karolina Lewicka



In directing, I am interested mainly in human being and his or her relationship with the world – emotions that they experience, their intimacy.”

Karolina graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a diploma in graphics. She discovered her passion to filmmaking while working as an art director in one of the biggest advertising agencies in Poland.For many years Karolina was a part of Konqubinat directing duo but later decided to pursue her individual directing career.

When asked about directing she says:  “In directing, I am interested mainly in human being and his or her relationship with the world – emotions that they experience, their intimacy. I am fascinated by human sensuality. I have a feeling that my own experience allows me to go really deep into the topics I deal with”.

Karolina perceives the world very visually, with almost obsessive compulsion to see colours everywhere. At work it translates into paying highest attention to the film aesthetics.

The list of clients she has worked for is long, just to name a few: Tyskie, Namysłów, Nivea, Inka, Deichmann, Krakuski, PZU and Credit Agricole.

Besides of film making she loves to knit. “I sink into the rhythm of stiches, getting immersed into the softness of wool and its colours”

photo: Weronika Ławniczak

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